Ayurvedic Consultation

Discovering one’s Prakriti, one's birth constitution

Dr. Sibin

Our Ayurveda physician

Schedule an ayurvedic assessment with our expert who has a degree in Ayurvedic medicine

Luck was definitely on our side as we have been able to hire Dr Sibin who was born in the Indian region of Kerala, which explains that he has been bathing in this culture since he was a child so that becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner could be nothing but a true calling.  After 7 years of studying and practicing in India, he chooses France in order to have a further knowledge of the lifestyle of his European patients and also in order to get further insights into the causes of the imbalances  between the “Doshas” due to the lifestyle, the habits or the environment of the patients.

A few days before his graduation for his Business Master that he prepared in Lyon, our encounter leads to the evidence that our collaboration is a gift for each of us ! He brings us his knowledge and his experience in order to practice a genuine Ayurvedic assessment so he may be able to give you advice and to attend you personally.

Nota : the personalized recommendations or advice for a better lifestyle, the treatments that are provided are not meant to replace your medical follow-up and your ongoing treatment… Don’t give them up without any medical opinion.

What is crucial in Ayurveda is preventive!

All the attentions and intentions of Ayurveda aim to awaken the innate intelligence of the body and the mind, to restore their natural faculty to prevent illnesses and to maintain joy and serenity.

We endeavour to create a ground where illness has no grip, to reinforce the natural defences of the body and to stimulate the processes of elimination of the toxins and impurities so as to preserve your health.

All is a matter of balance.

According to Indian medicine, the first step to well-being is the knowledge and the comprehension of who we are, our birth constitution that is also called “PRAKRITI”. The balance of the three Doshas is essential. Our Ayurvedic practitioner shall define the balance or the imbalance and will decide whether you are rather Vata, Pita or Kapha…

Why an ayurvedic consultation ?

Ayurveda considers each person to be very unique. Therefore, by understanding what our basic constitution is and adopting an appropriate lifestyle, we can lead a healthy and happy life. Therefore by consultation, it is possible to understand your basic constitution imbalances in your physical or mental state and remedies for balancing it.
You will need to fill out an online questtionnaire as a starting point for your ayurvedic consultation. This is a very useful one for your first visit. This questtionaire will give the physician a little idea of who you are and a sense of direction on how to help you. Feel free to tell us in detail about your current health condition including what medication you are taking. When you say things in more detail, your doctor can assess your condition efficiently. Fill in this questionnaire with calmness and full heartedness.

Your first direct consultation will last about an hour and a half. At the initial stage of the consultation, the doctor will ask you about your medical history, Family history,lifestyle, habits, diet and about past events in your life that influenced your mental and physical health in detail. After that, your pulse, tongue, nails, eyes and skin will be examined in great detail based on the eightfold ayurvedic examinations. This examination will be followed by your system based examination and physical examination.

At the end of the examination, the Physician will come to a conclusion about your Prakriti ( Basic constitution) and if there is any Vikrti (Imbalance in basic constitution). Then physician will explain the detailed and optimal treatment plan based on your imbalances. The treatment plan will include various Ayurvedic therapies, herbal suppliments, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, diet and lifestyle modifications.

The doctor will finally explain whether a follow-up consultation is needed to give better results to health.

The Ayurvedic practitioner shall set up a personalized programme in order to restore the balance of your doshas by tackling their roots by means of different therapeutic tools such as :

  • Ayurvedic treatments et massages
  • Lifestyle rules (rythms, times, activities )
  • Diet, resorting to spices or to plant-based supplements, work-out
  • Mental and emotions control exercises : breathing or pranayama, relaxation, meditation, visualization and other practices related to yoga