A team in harmony

The union of different expertise forms a unique team at the service of your Well-being

Of course the Human and its skills shall ensure the quality of the tailor-made experiences that will be offered at the Ayurvedic Centre Marie de Bourgogne. In order to propose you the wide range of the Ayurvedic treatments, a team with various and complementary skills was required: from the Indian physician for diagnoses to the therapists trained on all the richness of Ayurveda…

The extra asset is the enthusiasm for that beautiful project and that one-of-a-kind experience!

“I had been harbouring this project of creating an Ayurvedic Center, in addition to our Spa Marie de Bourgogne, for quite a while. I had identified the  resources needed for the implementation of  that beautiful project, with Indian partners who were specialized in Ayurveda and who wished to open centres on an international scale. However in 2020, Covid 19 pandemic stalled any possibility of exchange with India as early as March, my project was blocked unfortunately…   

Then I had the chance to meet Pascal Manso on my way! Our encounter took place on the occasion of a meeting dedicated to Ayurveda which occured in our premises on October 24th 2020. Was that sheer coincidence ? Or maybe more… But still it appeared obvious to us that we were to achieve that wonderful project together, as we were exactly on the same tune. As a result, Pascal Manso became our consultant, rich in his solid experience and his positive energy!

Recruiting the team was fast and timely. The training provided by Pascal has been immensely rich and deep as it has contributed to create the bond and the synergy within the team, which is necessary to the success of a such a project! His experience that is as international as French, has also allowed to bring the practical aspect as well as the alternatives promoting the local products, while respecting the authenticity and the roots of Ayurveda, which was of course a prerequisite in my project, in accordance with our Culture in Le Cep!

The expertise that ensure the quality of the unique experience that you will be able to enjoy there comprise that of an Ayurvedic Indian physician, a herbalist, a therapist specialized in Reiki healing,  a Kundalini yoga teacher, a therapist trained on energetic treatments and who considers the individual as a whole, which perfectly matches the essence of Ayurveda…

Concerning the Spa, the expertise of our team also comes to enrich those skills, namely about the mastering of our state of the art technologies such as Chromotherapy or cryotherapy.”


Pascal Manso

Expert et Formateur Ayurvédique

Pascal Manso

Trained on Ayurveda for 26 years in the United States (California College of Ayurveda), in India (Greens Ayur Clinic, Amala Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Center, Parathuvayalil Hospital Kerala, Vijaya Hospital Madras).He attends various trainings in Europe, in the USA and in India so as to perfect his knowledge.

Pascal has passionately been devoting himself to the study and to the practice of Ayurvedic medicine for many years while improving his know-how through numerous travels to India, more especially in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu that are cradles of Ayurveda. He keeps on closely collaborating with different Indian clinics and hospitals through medical research, implementing Ayurvedic protocols adapted to European pathologies and therapeutic follow-up of patients.

He used such stamina to promote and to develop Ayurveda to meet the needs of different audiences so they might make the most of it pursuing a goal of personal day-to-day Well-Being so he founded the Ayurvedic Center ManoVeda in Marseille and organizes conferences, seminars and training sessions to impart this ancient discipline to a wide audience.

 Lastly he collaborated with Jean-Claude Bernard in the design, creation and implementation of a magnificent project: the Ayurvedic Center Marie de Bourgogne. Recruiting the team has been fast and relevant, discussing the choice of the material and the products has been timely, and the training that Pascal has provided has been immensely rich and deep as he contributed to create the bond and the synergy that are necessary to the success of such a project!   



My desire has always been to do something that can help people. Thats why I turned to the healing profession. I was born, raised and educated in Kera, the southernmost state of India. Kerala is considered as the birthplace of Ayurveda, Therefore I consider myself lucky to have been able to learn Ayurveda from there.

 I studied Ayurveda at P.N. Paniker Souhrudha Ayurveda Medical College, Kasargode, Kerala. I recieved my BAMS (Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) degree in 2018 certified by KUHS (Kerala University of Health Science). During my studies and internship, working with some of the experienced and renowned practitioners in India has been a great asset to my medical career.

 After my studies I was fortunate enough to start working as a JMO (Junior Medical Officer) at a reputed centre in Kerala. The biggest feature of that centre was that most of the clients were from Europe. As a practitioner, I realized that the European way of life and diet were all beyond my scope of experience and that there were limitations in giving accurate advice to patients. It was at this point I decided to come to Europe and learn more about this culture and way of life.

In view of such needs I have obtained a Master’s degree in international business management from France and have been living in France for the past one year. This new knowledge and life experience helped me to better understand this culture and lifestyle. Today I am confident that I can share advices and knowledge with more accuracy.

It was while searching for an international platform where I could use my Ayurvedic and management knowledge together, that I came across this dream opportunity of LE CEP and became a part of this wonderful project.