Ayurvedic Center

Marie de Bourgogne

50 centuries at the service of your health.

Ayurveda, an ancestral and traditional Indian medicine

the benefits of which are more than ever relevant, arrives at our Holistic Spa Marie de Bourgogne!


50 centuries at the service of your health :

from Traditional Indian Medicine to Chromotherapy…

Between the birth of Ayurveda and its traditional medicine and our cutting-edge technologies, there are no less than 5,000 years of experience that are brought together at the Marie de Bourgogne Holistic Center dedicated to your Harmony! A set of body treatments and facials, Ayurvedic massages based on medicinal oils and plants, yoga classes, to rebalance your dosha and recharge your batteries … in a half-day or as an Ayurvedic treatment!

This traditional Indian, preventive and holistic medicine has been recognized by the World Health Organization since 1982. While many are looking for an alternative to Western medicine, Ayurveda is a real daily lifestyle that we want to make available to you. , whether occasionally during a revitalizing body treatment or during a rebalancing and energizing programme, according to your needs!

Discover our Ayurvedic programs

Our teams of professionals will accompany you throughout your stay to achieve your goal: relaxation, detox, rebalance, or even weight control. From personalized breakfast to dinner, including treatments and massages, yoga and the activities on offer, we take care of everything, but above all, you!

Regeneration Programme & Immunity Booster

The Ayurvedic programme regeneration and immunity booster is designed to attend the personal needs of each individual. The programme aims to improve the vitality of your body thanks to a few treatments in common with Panchakarma treatments, a healthy diet, yoga, Pranayama. Aurvedic treatments are well-known for their anti-stress, neuro-nutritious, anti-aging and cell anti-stress effects. The programme focuses on balancing nutrition, improving the immune system of microcirculation. All that shall contribute to a global rebalancing, an energy enhancement, as well as a better metabolism.

Holistic Beauty

The Marie de Bourgogne Holistic Center offers you a comprehensive and personalized approach to your beauty. Its non-invasive technologies and its Vinésime cosmetic with its exclusive A2OC cell complex, are combined with tailor-made treatments. Through chromotherapy and cryotherapy of the body and face, the results will be even more spectacular and lasting.


In the refined setting of Hôtel le Cep world-famous reference for Epicureans all over the world as a key venue at the heart of Beaune, capital of wines in Burgundy, an area dedicated to the benefits of Ayurveda has just emerged especially for vou!


It is with the same passion, the same sense of detail and demanding standards defining our achievements that we have conceived this magnificent center. Moreover, it is also mainly thanks to the skills, knowledge and passions of our Ayurvedic Team that you will be able to recharge your batteries !


Ayurveda has been rooted in Indian culture for thousands of years, everything is already written ! However, the harmonious union of India and Burgundy in order to take the most of each culture to create a pole of exception, has been a tremendous challenge!

A range of know-how at your disposal

Ayurveda is not only a treatment, it is a well-being and life philosophy. That is why, at Ayurvedic Center Marie de Bourgogne, we propose you the whole range of the elements that will allow you to feel good, in both your body and your spirit. Let yourself be guided…

Ayurvedic assessment

Ayurvedic consultation

All starts with an Ayurvedic assessment which enables you to have a further knowledge of yourself so that we can adapt our treatments.
Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments and traditional Indian massages

Discover the benefits of all our treatments and massages in the pure Ayurvedic tradition: detoxification, relaxation, strengthening of the immune system, blood and lymphatic circulation, letting go, insomnia, muscle tension or even anti-stress …

Ayurvedic Cures

Ayurvedic Cures in Burgundy !

From a half-day until several weeks, with or without the staying on site option, enjoy an Ayurvedic cure. We have brought the Kerala region into Burgundy !

Yoga & Ayurveda

Yoga and Meditation

Ayurveda necessarily implies Yoga.
Take back your control with our breathing, meditation and yoga sessions

Food and Ayurveda

Food and diet advice

Personalized dietary advice according to your dosha and, during your cure, also enjoy a balanced, adapted and customized Indian diet