Medicated buttermilk bath

This treatment is a variation of the traditional Shirodhara. It is also a slow and constant stream flow of cold decoction made from medicinal buttermilk macerated with plants on the forehead or on the whole body.

It is a refreshing and very powerful treatment. It is appreciated for its efficiency and the deep experience it provides. It is especially recommended for Pitta imbalances.

It is particularly indicated in hot weather and it provides a deep and gentle soothing effect.

This treatment can be preceded by an Abhyanga.

Benefits of Takradhara:

  • Excellent for the skin and alleviates skin disorders like psoriasis
  • Improves memory and sleep
  • Relieves hypertension and its complications
  • Reduction of stress and mental disorders such as depression
  • Very effective in hair care
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases the digestive power
  • Brings emotional stability