Bol Kansu

Bol Kansu

This treatment is an energetic pressure massage and  it is performed with medicinal Ghee on the feet using a bowl composed of 7 metals. It helps in the regulation of  the digestive fire in the body. By stimulating the reflex zones of the foot this massage is creating repercussions on the whole body.

In addition to the therapeutic virtues provided by manual massage the metals (Copper, Zinc, Iron, platinum, pewter, silver, gold) also play a curative role:

Copper absorbs excess heat produced by the body.

Zinc acts on the muscles.

Bronze acts as a catalyst between these 2 metals.

Benefits of the bol kansu:

  • Regulates the nervous system and releases tension and balances AGNI (digestive fire)
  • Promotes the circulation of vital energy in the body because the sole of the foot is a map of it
  • Harmonizes the body and improves the metabolism in general