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Find here all of our Ayurvedic services. For a cure, please contact us using the form.


Ayurvedic Massages

Synchro Abhyanga
230 €

 Rhythmic massage with 4 hands. Helps in the intense purification of the body – Duration 1h30

Abhyanga massage
110 €

 Whole body massage with hot oil. Brings deep relaxation to body and mind – Duration 1h

Abhyanga & Marma
180 €

 Oil massage that focuses on the vital points of the body. Helps in detoxification and rejuvenation – Duration 2h

Kalari Marma
180 €

Pure traditional massage from Kerala. Helps to improve the circulation of vital energy – Duration 2h

50 €

 Specific massage of the head and shoulders. Acts on the nervous system and the body’s balance – Duration 30 min.

60 €

 Releases facial tension and nourishes the skin – Durée 45 min.

60 €

 Specific foot massage. Brings deep relaxation while stimulating the different organs of the body – Duration 45 min.

Ayurvedic Treatment

230 €

 4 hands – Body bath with warm medicinal oil. It strengthens the immune system – Duration 1h20

Dhanyamla Dhara
230 €

4 hands – Body bath with warm medicinal water. It removes unwanted substances from the body – Duration 1h20

165 €

Slow and steady flow of medicinal oil over the head. Rebalances the basic qualities of body and mind – Duration 2h

150 €

Slow, regular and rhythmic flow of medicinal milkshake over the head or body. Soothes hypertension disorders – Duration 1h45

130 €

 Exfoliation and deep massage with herbal powders. Helps reduce accumulated fat – Duration 1h30

100 €

Oleation of the ears based on medicinal oil. Suppresses ear disorders and improves hearing – Duration 1h

60 €

 Nose treatment based on medicinal oil. Relieves headaches and enhances all the senses – Duration 45 min

60 €

 Eye wash. It cleans the eyes and gives clarity to the vision – Duration 45 min

70 €

Wraps weakened body parts with medicinal oil. It is one of the best restorative treatments – Duration 45 min

Bol Kansu
100 €

It is an energetic foot massage with medicinal ghee and a bowl composed of 5 metals – Duration 1h

Sarvanga Swedhana
40 €

Whole body sweating. Eliminates waste accumulated on the body – Duration 30 min


Hot oil reservoir made from chickpea flour and applied to the body. The oil penetrates deeply and relieves tension.

Greeva Basti
120 €

Bath the neck area with medicinal oil. Releases tensions in the neck and muscles – Duration 1h10

Hridaya Basti
120 €

Bath the heart region with medicinal oil. Balances cardiac functions and improves breathing – Duration 1h10

Janu Basti
130 €

It is a bath of the knee area with medicinal oil. It relieves the joints and reduces pain – Duration 1h15

Kati Basti
130 €

Bath of the spine with medicinal oil. It solves all the pains related to the spine – Duration 1h15

Tarpanam Basti
80 €

It is an eye bath with medicinal ghee. It helps improve vision and heal eye ailments – Duration 50 minutes


They are applied to the skin by circular movements, pressure and smoothing. The active ingredients of spices and plants are then condensed and then released during contact with the body.  

Choorna swedhana
150 €

Deep massage with a hot pouch made from herbal powders. It helps relieve pain and inflammation in the body – Duration 1h30

Jambira patola sweda
150 €

Deep massage with a hot pocket with lemons and herbs. It releases toxins and reduces tension – Duration 1h30

Shashtika shali pinda sweda
150 €

Deep massage with a hot pouch made of rice and milk. It strengthens muscles and increases vital energy – Duration 1h30

Yoga & Meditation classes

1h group session
30 € / pers.
Private session
65 € / pers.

Up to 4 persons (family, friends) +30€ / pers